How do I receive an escrow payment?

All customers that purchase your service through our marketplace and any invoices that you send for an escrow payment will require your client to place money in escrow until the service is completed. 

1.) Where to see payments being held in escrow

From the PAYv tab on your dashboard you can see all of your transactions and invoices. Choose the 'Transactions' tab. Any transaction that has an escrow payment associated with it will have "Pending Escrow Release" in red text. 

2.) How to request an escrow payment be released

Below the "Pending Escrow Release" text for an application there is a 'Request Release" link. Click on it. A small pop-up will appear asking for the amount you are requesting be released. In most cases this should be the full amount held in escrow. For some services, with milestones associated with them, it may be appropriate to request a partial amount of the funds held in escrow be released. 

3.) What happens next? 

Once you have requested that funds be released from escrow the client will receive an email the email will incude the service information, the amount being requested, and two links. One link will be to release the funds from escrow and the other will be to message you to ask any questions relating to the service or the request. 

When the funds are released you will receive an email notifying you that the funds have been released from escrow and are available as part of your PAYv balance. 

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