How do I offer a recurring payment plan?

You can offer a recurring payments for your services from the PayV Tab of an application by choosing Send Invoice. 

When you choose send invoice you will be given the option of sending a one time invoice or splitting the invoice into recurring payments. 

When you choose 'Split into Recurring Payments' you will be able to set the total amount of the invoice, how many recurring payments it should be split into, and the time period of the recurring payments (you can choose weekly or monthly.)

After you set the amount, the plan and how many recurring payments there should be, as well as a start date, you should click next. This will take you to a confirmation screen where you can fill out additional service information and, in the case of the service being provided through a broker, choose to send the invoices to the broker or the client. When you are finished you will click "Send Invoice." 

Once you have sent the invoice the recurring payments will show in the PayV Tab. 

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