How do I create an agreement or contract for clients to sign?

If the service(s) you provide require signed agreements from your clients you now have the ability to create, send, and store agreements within the Verifico platform. Through our new Document Signing feature you are able to create the template for a signed agreement. You can do that from your dashboard by going to 'E-Signature Forms' on your Dashboard and choosing "Create Template." 

Once you have chosen to create a template you will need to upload the document you wish signed by clicking 'Choose a File' and choosing the document from your computer you wish them to sign. 

You will then be able to choose any signatories you need (client, and occasionally witnesses,) as well as give the document a title and include any message you wish conveyed in the email delivering the document to your clients. 

Once this is completed you should choose 'Prepare Document for Signing.' 

Here you will add the necessary elements to the docment via our drop and drag tool. In addition to placing spots for your clients to sign the documents you will be able to place check boxes, dates, boxes for additional text, and spots for them to initial the document, as seen here: 

Once you have completed this process you will have a contract or service agreement that is ready to be sent to your clients for their legally binding e-signature! 

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