Can I work with my existing customers through Verifico?

You can work with your existing clients if you are just starting out on Verifico provided you have a signed agreement with them for the service you are providing. You will need to upload an electronic copy of that signed agreement as part of the process for importing your client(s). 

1.) Set service your are adding customers for to require no up front fees 

You will not be able to pull in an existing customer for a service that requires an upfront fee. So, if you wish to do this you will need to edit that service to temporarily disable the upfront fee. You can do this by going to the My Services tab on your dashboard, choosing the service you wish to use and choose 'edit.' Scroll to the bottom of the screen and set the Up Front Fee to 'none.' Then click 'Save & Quit.' 

2.) Add client information to an application

From the My Services tab you should click on the service title to open the application for that service. You will then need to add the clients information that you wish to add to the application, filling it out as though you are the client. It is important to use the client's email address when filling out the application as that is where the invoice will eventually be sent. Use the clients initials in the e-signature box at the bottom of the screen. The format should look like this: /FML/ 

3.) Bypass the payment screen

The next screen will be the payment screen. Because you have disabled up front payments no payment will be required. Click 'Approve and continue.' 

4.) Upload a copy of the signed agreement 

Now that you have completed the application it will appear in the pending section of the Applications tab on your dashboard. Open the application you just completed and choose the Docs tab. From there you should check the 'other' checkbox and 'Upload Custom Document.' Again, choose 'other.' 

Click on the 'Selected File' button to bring up the files on your computer. Choose the signed agreement you wish to upload and click 'open.' Now click 'Send Upload Request,' to upload the document. 

Once you have completed all of these steps the application will be complete and you will be able to invoice the client. 

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